About Us

Friends pix is a photo printing website that helps to connect the individuals with their friends and family through storytelling. Our goal is for you, the user, to be able to print out your photos and send them to friends and family throughout the world. Our team has developed applications that can allow for easy sending of photo albums, personalized greeting cards, and filtered photos to any where in the world.

The mission? To connect loved ones with something that they can cherish. In this world of increasing technology, the Friends Pix Team understands the importance of printed media and the personal meaning of sharing it with the world. We’ve watched our little photo sharing application blossom into a living, breathing marketplace for sharing the world. With our unparalleled quality and service, we hope to set out on a path to help you create premium quality photo goodies that stands the test of time.

From our expert team that makes sure every order is printed with exceptional care and to our fast and furious shipping, we can guarantee you a positive experience when shopping with Friends Pix. Join us on this journey, we would love to have you along for the ride!